How to repel rats with Green Pest Control method?

How to repel rats with Green Pest Control method?

Introducing DeTer Bio-Repellent for Rats

The dynamic new technology Rat Bio-Repellent Gel.

DeTer Rat Bio-Repellent Gel / Tube 283g

DeTer Rat Bio-Repellent Gel / Tube 283g

DeTer is the first FIFRA 25b exempt (Federal, Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act USA) rat bio-repellent and it has applications for both interior and exterior rat management.

It is also NSF International certified which means DeTer Bio-Repellent has met the requirements for sanitization intended for commercial food services in the U.S.A.

DeTer Bio-Repellent gel is safe and suitable to apply in food preparation area, HACCP certified food & beverage production plant.

DeTer is a huge success with Pest Control Operators and DIY home owners who are finding the product invaluable in their attempts to control even the most difficult rat infestation. It is best apply in food preparation places such as food & beverage production lines, pharmaceutical plant with HACCP requirement and even commercial kitchen to keep rats from entering.

DeTer’s active ingredient is made of hot white pepper.  DeTer for rat has been effectively used to safely and effectively deter rats, mice, bats, squirrels, and even other non-rodent species such as raccoon!

The applications are theoretically infinite and if you can find yet another application for this marvelous product.

How DeTer works for you?

  • DeTer puts the rats on your side. Affected animals carry the product back to inaccessible areas and nesting sites you would never be able to treat and helps make these areas inhospitable to current and future residents. No other product does this.
  • Once a rodent has come in contact with the product they will desire to exit the structure and will start looking for ways to get away from the area.
  • DeTer does not repel based on scent; it works via a scientifically-proven, physiological adverse reaction.
  • DeTer may be used as a standalone solution, or with other control methods, which DeTour will also make more effective.

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